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Indulge in the charm of a mirror in your home. Round, square, oval, large, small, wall-mounted or free-standing, the models are varied and for all tastes! Discover without delay our beautiful Signature collection.

If you're looking to beautify a room in your home, the mirror is probably the wisest choice. Indeed, it is one of the essential decorative elements of the house. The charm of a wall mirror is undeniable and the models are varied to perfectly match its surroundings.

A mirror for every room!

This is one of the great advantages of mirrors! They will find a place in every room of your home.

A mirror for the living room

In the living room, for example, it is truly a decorative piece par excellence. Placed above the sofa and the dining room buffet, the mirror for the living room will instantly give your living room a different look. If your living room is spacious enough, don't hesitate to opt for a large wall mirror with an original shape. Guaranteed effect!

A mirror in the entryway

This is a decorative object that is regularly found in an entryway. Practical for a quick touch-up before leaving home. Once again, it brings a lot of charm to your interior and sets the tone for your decoration as soon as you pass through the door. A small round or square mirror will do the trick in this case. You can place it above a console table.

A mirror for the bedroom

It also makes itself at home in your bedroom or dressing room where it is loved for its decorative and practical side! A large and long mirror is ideal for deciding on the outfit you want to wear for the day.

A mirror for the bathroom

If there is one place in the house where it is essential, it is the bathroom! Here it is first useful before being decorative but you have the possibility to combine the two functions. Opt for a wall mirror that is wide enough to fit your vanity unit. Don't forget the appropriate lighting for better visibility.

The advantages of a mirror

Not only is it a decorative object that finds its place in different rooms of the house, but that's not its only advantage. If it is so successful in the world of interior decoration, it is because of its multiple advantages :

  • It enlarges your room: in a relatively small space, the mirror adds depth to it. You'll feel like you've gained a few square meters!
  • A perfect balance between practicality and decoration: it is truly a two-in-one object, we admire it and we admire ourselves in it.
  • More brightness: the mirror will reflect the light and spread it in the room.
  • It simply dresses up the room: do your walls look empty? The wall mirror is there to address this kind of problem. In addition, a beautiful original mirror brings real added value to your room.

How to choose your mirror?

At Signature, we offer you several models. To be sure to make the right choice, here are some selection criteria to consider:

The shape

There are classic shapes such as round, square, rectangular, or oval mirrors, and then there are less conventional shapes that will seduce you with their originality! Some mirrors have highly worked contours for an inimitable style. Some of our models are also convex mirrors that have a purely decorative role.

The style

It's all a matter of taste, but you can be sure to find what you're looking for in our catalog. Whatever the style of your decoration, our models correspond to a particular style. Whether you're looking for a modern and design mirror, a more classic, antique, or even aged-effect mirror in an Art Deco style, the choice is wide, and each product is unique with a highly worked style.

Whether it's a standing mirror, a wall mirror, or a rotating mirror, it's up to you to choose the one that will please you the most.

The size

Do you prefer a small or large mirror? Of course, this choice will depend on the location of the mirror, your tastes, and its usefulness. A little tip for more originality: you can place several small mirrors in a row!

The choice is yours! Which Signature mirror will you succumb to?

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