The headboard is as much a decorative element as a comfort element. The headboard allows you to put your cushions and your head to be comfortably installed on your bed when you read a good book or when you wish to rest. Moreover, depending on its shape, dimensions and materials, you will be able to adapt it to your interior decoration !

How to choose the right headboard ?

What shape ?

A headboard with square or rounded corners for more softness? That is the question ... Headboards with rounded corners are often associated with a period, chic or Zen style. Generally speaking, they are headboards made of fabric with a wooden, rattan or wooden frame. The choice is yours!

If you prefer square headboards, these will allow you to distinguish your bed from the other furniture in the room. These headboards are more classic and go well with country or contemporary decor.

What size ?

Finding the right size for your headboard depends, of course, on the size of your bed. There are generally standard beds, double beds, Queen size beds and also the largest, the King size beds. First of all, the width of your headboard will depend on the look you want. For a bed that measures 140 cm, choose a 160 headboard. For a 160 cm bed, choose a 180 cm headboard. A headboard that is larger than your bed will enhance your bed and give it a sophisticated look.

As for the height, it is essential to choose it according to the space your bed takes up in the room and the height of your ceiling. This choice can considerably change the decorative style of your room for a contemporary, family home or castle feel.

Which material ?

Wood? Rattan? Cane? Or fabric? Each material has its own style of decoration !

To begin with, the wooden headboard is definitely the most classic of all. It has a warm look and comes in different colours to meet all your expectations. These wooden headboards are solid and will last you for many years.

Fabric headboards have been very popular with the French for many years. They are, indeed, timeless and come in different colours to satisfy you fully. They also provide visual and physical comfort.

Rattan and cane headboards have become increasingly popular in recent years. These headboards are particularly appreciated for their light colour but also for the country chic aspect they bring out.

The headboard: a much appreciated decorative touch

The headboard is the French decorative finish par excellence! Depending on your preferences, the headboard can really change the decor of a room. Are you looking for an original headboard, a baroque headboard, a classic headboard or a modern headboard? At Signature, you will find a wide range of products carefully selected to meet all your expectations.

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