Bedside tables

A true guardian of your dreams, the bedside table will always be by your side. It will be your ally for placing all your objects for the night... whether it be your glasses, your current book, your alarm clock, your bedside lamp, or a glass of water, the bedside table plays an important role in a bedroom. And you won't know how you ever lived without it! At Signature, we offer various styles of bedside tables to precisely meet all of your expectations…

The bedside table: an essential piece of furniture

Always by your side, the bedside table is a true night assistant. It will hold your bedside lamp as well as your alarm clock. You can even place your glasses, watch, remote control and favorite book on it! With small drawers, usually 1 or 2 and even more in some models, the nightstand provides additional storage within reach. It is perfect for slipping in all the objects you want to keep out of sight but also protect from dust. In reality, the bedside table will be the guardian of all your little treasures…

The bedside table, widely appreciated for its discretion

The nightstand is a must-have! Placed on either side of your bed, it will be your favorite piece of furniture for storing all your daily objects discreetly. Small and at bed height, these nightstands are appreciated for the discretion they claim but also for their practicality.

In addition to being essential, discreet and practical, the bedside tables will make a difference in your bedroom decoration, they bring a certain style and elegance!

And... if you don't have enough space to store all your objects, opt for a storage chest or a dresser.

The nightstand? The truly practical decorative object

Whether it is contemporary, styled, or a vacation house style, the nightstand is the bedroom accessory that is as practical as it is decorative. At Signature, we offer bedside tables that can adapt to a multitude of decorations and interiors. Whether you prefer retro vintage decoration, contemporary or antique style. You will undoubtedly find the bedroom furniture of your dreams. Our bedside tables are made of noble materials such as oak, pine, and metal to offer a cozy atmosphere to your bedroom. The range is designed to be combined with our wardrobes and dressers.

Furthermore, you can also use the primary function of the bedside table by inviting it into your living room. Close to the sofa, it can serve as a side table. Don't hesitate... You'll definitely find the perfect nightstand at Signature.

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