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End of bed

It is not necessarily found in every home, but the bed end is a real plus in a bedroom. Cosy atmosphere guaranteed! A real complement to your bed, it offers a small storage space but also comfort at the foot of your bed. Multifunctional and aesthetic, discover our collection without further delay.

The end of the bed: multifunctional bedroom furniture!

The room is the place par excellence for comfort and relaxation. Each element contributes in its own way to the creation of an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Among the furniture found in a bedroom, the bed end is not the one you think of spontaneously and yet it can only seduce you for its multifunctional side as well as for the style it brings to your room. But what is it exactly ?

What is a bed end?

Its name already says a lot about this little piece of bedroom furniture. As its name indicates, the end of the bed is located at the foot of your bed. It has two functions :

  • Decoration
  • Storage

That's why it's a very popular bedroom furnishing. As well decorative as practical, it combines with your bedding to create a chic and refined environment. With the headboard, it will perfect your bedding. It is also a smart storage space that will take up little space in your bedroom. Ideal for small rooms.

But let's go into more detail because the end of the bed has more to offer than you think. There are different models that are slightly different from each other.

The bed bench

100% chic, the end of the bed can be a simple bench or a small bedroom bench on which you can sit. You can add a few cushions for optimal comfort. In terms of use, it is practical to help you put on your shoes or to put clothes that you plan to wear the next day or that you want to put away in the wardrobe.

The end of the bed chest

Generally speaking, a room feels good when it's tidy and you can never have too much storage space! Have you thought about a chest to place at the foot of your bed? It takes up very little space and allows you to store various objects. It can even be used as a toy box in the children's room!

The bedroom luggage rack

Another type of bed end that Signature offers is the bedroom luggage rack. Also located at the end of the bed, it allows you to put your luggage on it, as its name indicates. It is an ideal bedroom accessory for those who like to receive and welcome their guests as they should! Note that the luggage rack can also be used as a bench.

How to choose a bedspread ?

You want to create a cosy and pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom and you have decided to opt for a bedstead? Excellent choice! However, before buying one, two criteria should be taken into account :


Ideally, to go well with your bedding, we advise you to adapt the dimensions of your end of bed to your mattress and box spring. There are end-of-bed benches that can take up the entire width of your bed and smaller ones. You should also take into account the height of your bed to choose the right bedroom bench.

The style

It is only natural to want to create a certain homogeneity within your bedroom and to do this, you will match all your furniture. The choice of a bed end will therefore depend on the other elements of your bedroom, whether it is the bedside table, the wardrobe, the chest of drawers, the headboard... Benches and chests are made from various materials. Each one gives it a particular style. It all depends on your decoration and your taste.

Give your bedroom the Signature bed end that suits it!

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