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Bookcases and display cases

Whether you're an avid reader or a collector of all kinds of objects, the bookcase is the piece of furniture for you. Whatever your way of filling the shelves, there are a multitude of models available to you.

The essential furniture for readers but not only !

The bookcase can be found everywhere in the house. Elle attire rapidement le regard en entrant dans une pièce. Elle en impose par son style et éveille notre curiosité par son contenu. Ce meuble combine ainsi un rôle aussi bien fonctionnel que décoratif. The bookcase is usually shallow and consists of several horizontal shelves. It is available in a multitude of models: low or high, wall-mounted, corner, open, with doors, glazed...

We spontaneously associate the bookcase with books because it is the essential piece of furniture for book lovers. However, it will also host your travel souvenirs, works of art or any other object important to you.

The bookcase : a versatile piece of furniture

The bookcase has several strings to its bow. It has three main functions :

A storage space

It is a common problem in all homes, we need enough storage space. Generally placed against a wall, the bookcase allows for the storage of a large number of objects. In addition to the shelves, it can have doors or drawers to store everyday objects that you do not want to display (paperwork, board games, office supplies, etc.)

An exhibition space

If you want to showcase art objects, a collection of figurines, photo frames or plants, the bookcase or display cabinet is for you.

A decorative piece of furniture

The bookcase dresses up the room and brings a real aesthetic asset to your interior. It is decorative because it is enhanced by the objects it contains and is available in many different styles.

Custom made bookcases and display cabinets for every style

At Signature, we make sure that our products fit perfectly into your interior and the style you are looking for. We offer a wide range of modular and custom-made bookcases. Here is an overview of the possibilities for choosing the right furniture for you.

Materials and finishes

Classic, timeless, industrial, vintage or more contemporary, each product has its own charm, its own style. Each piece of furniture will fit perfectly into its environment in a subtle mix of aesthetics and originality. Our bookcases and glass furniture owe their effect to the materials used and in particular to the particular attention we pay to the finish. Whether it's a wooden or metal bookcase, we provide plain or aged coloured patinas in harmony with your choice of wall covering and your decorating style.

Doors and storage options

Our showcases and bookcases can be configured in a variety of ways to best suit your needs. You can choose between different door models: classic, sliding, internal, solid or glass, without doors, with or without drawers. You decide what you want.

The dimensions

We also offer a wide range of sizes, which we adapt to the dimensions of your room. You can choose a large bookcase of 3m in length or a small one of 80cm in length. You can choose the size of your furniture according to your available space and the layout of your room. Do you want to occupy the entire surface of a wall with a wall bookcase, part of a wall or a narrow niche? You are entirely free to choose the configuration that suits you.

Browse our entire Signature catalogue to discover our wide range of bookcases and display cabinets.

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