Sideboards and drawer cabinets

The sideboard is one of the most important items in the dining room. It completes your furnishings and provides you with plenty of storage space. Let yourself be seduced by Signature's sideboards and drawer units. A wide variety of choices and styles to suit all tastes !

The dining room sideboard

There are several names for a sideboard: enfilade, china cabinet, dresser or sideboard. Whatever you call it, it is always a practical piece of storage furniture with doors or drawers. On the inside, it is made up of shelves and is primarily used to hold your crockery and the essentials of your tableware. It is placed close to the dining table for easy access to everything you need to set a beautiful table.

Our sideboards and drawer units: practical and decorative !

Signature makes your daily life easier by offering you furniture adapted to your needs. Here, the sideboard essentially meets a need for storage, just like the drawer units also in our catalogue.

What to put in your sideboard?

The dining room sideboard will allow you to store your dishes. That's why it's called a dresser. If the crockery that you use on a daily basis is more suited to the cupboards in your kitchen, the sideboard is more suited to the tableware that you use to entertain your guests.

Of course, everyone is free to organise it as they wish and to store what they want.

What about a drawer unit?

This is more versatile and can be used in the dining room as well as in the living room. With its doors and drawers, it can be adapted to your needs for storing cutlery and napkins, for example. It is also functional and practical for storing various objects: small accessories to always have on hand, decorative items, computer equipment, board games, etc. It all depends on your needs.

Sideboards and cabinets with drawers allow you to store a large number of items, but they also provide you with a considerable amount of free space for decoration! The top shelf can be used to display photo frames, a pretty vase or a beautiful lamp. This is also furniture with a real cachet that will bring charm and conviviality to your dining room.

What style of sideboard to choose ?

The doors, the size, the materials and above all the style, Signature has thought of everything to design original and designer dining room furniture for an incomparable look in your home.

Doors and drawers

They are the very essence of the sideboard. Some of our sideboards have only doors, others also have drawers. You can choose between different types of doors:

  • French style swing doors: for a Louis XV and Louis XVI "Charme" style
  • Sliding doors are available in several styles: art deco, 40's, 70's or contemporary

Materials and patinas

Discover our wooden drawer units and sideboards. They are available in different types of wood: oak, solid wood, pine or elm. In addition, there are patinas designed to give your sideboard a unique look. Match it to your dining table and chairs to create the atmosphere that suits you.

The style

Just browse through our catalogue to discover a wide variety of styles: we offer vintage drawer units and sideboards, industrial, contemporary or more traditional sideboards. The choice to match your interior !

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