The floor lamp is truly essential in your interior decoration! Placed in your bedroom, your office or your living room, floor lamps will bring a peaceful, relaxed and warm atmosphere to your interior. Clean lines, larger formats… Everything is present at Signature to fully satisfy you.

What is a floor lamp ?

Unlike a table lamp, a floor lamp does not need to be placed on a piece of furniture or a table, it is placed on the floor. It is also known as a floor lamp or living room lamp because it is mainly found in this room. It serves as a light source as well as a decorative object.

The floor lamp is very popular with the majority of people and will help you to create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in each of your rooms. It will also allow you to create a reading space in your bedroom or living room, not far from your library.

Which floor lamp for which room ?

The choice of your floor lamp will depend on the style of your room! Moreover, each room needs a different light source.

The living room floor lamp :

In your living room, soft and warm lighting is preferred. Adopting a floor lamp as a reading light will allow you to create a space dedicated to reading in your favourite room.

The floor lamp for the dining room :

In the dining room, the most important thing is to light your table! Arched floor lamps are a favourite.

For the bedroom :

The floor lamp will also find its place in your room or your child's room to create a reading corner or as a bedside lamp in a floor standing version. Directed towards you and accompanied by an armchair, the floor lamps will allow you to read your favourite book in complete serenity.

For the entrance of your home :

Placed in an entrance or a corridor, floor lamps dress up this transitional room in all sorts of ways. With a switch, these lamps are appreciated for their practicality. You can turn them on even when your hands are busy.

For the office :

Finally, your office is the perfect place to install a floor lamp. For this professional room, it is important to choose bright and practical lighting! Thanks to this floor lamp, you can work efficiently even on the darkest winter days.

The floor lamp, the decorative object that is as practical as it is trendy

At Signature, our collection of floor lamps is a soft mix of originality and sobriety. We offer lamps that are well thought out and designed to help you light and decorate your rooms. Equipped with a foot switch, the living room lamps are ultra-practical. To create a subdued atmosphere or to read a story to your children, they will illuminate your favourite places day and night.

Don't hesitate, whether you want to decorate your living room with a modern touch or to accessorize your living room in a 50's, 70's, art deco, retro, modern or family home style, Signature floor lamps will inevitably find their place in your interior.

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