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Console table

Elegant, practical and versatile, the console table has a number of advantages that make it a must-have for your home. At Signature, everyone will find something to suit his or her taste with a variety of unique styles.

What is a console table ?

The console table is a piece of furniture that has found the perfect compromise between elegance and practicality. With its undisputed charm, this small side table instantly enhances your interior. It is usually placed against a wall and has the advantage of taking up very little space. It can easily be placed in your home, whether in the hallway, living room, office or bedroom.

Console table : multiple functions

On the face of it, this is a very simple piece of furniture, but you only need to have a console at home to realise that it is so versatile that it quickly becomes indispensable.

For decoration

A decorated house is a house in which you feel good, but it is sometimes difficult to find the essential piece of furniture to enhance your interior. Look no further than a console. Not only is it an aesthetic piece of furniture but it also allows you to display your decorative objects. What better way to embellish your interior? The console table is the ideal support for a vase with flowers, photo frames or a pretty lamp.

For storage

You have probably already left your house late because you were looking for your keys. If you don't want to have this problem anymore, a hall console can be the solution! You will always have a place next to the door for your keys, wallets, papers and other daily essentials. Very practical with its drawers, the console acts as a pocket. You can also add a pretty mirror above it for a last look before you leave.

A dressing table in the bedroom

Among the functions of the console, here's one that we don't spontaneously think of, but which is a real asset to your bedroom. What better way to give yourself a makeover than with a dressing table? Nothing could be simpler: combine your console with a mirror. Then simply put your jewellery and beauty products in it and you're done.

A console as a small desk

Use your console as a small desk. Of course, this will depend on the size of the console table, but if it is large enough, you can use it to work on. With its small drawers, you can even store your supplies. Practical !

How to choose a console unit ?

To make the right choice, you must take into account several criteria :

  • Its function: the model will be different according to the use you make of it
  • Its size: our consoles are more or less wide and more or less deep. This will depend on the space available in your room.
  • Its height: low or high console.
  • Its shape: round, square, rectangular or half-moon
  • Its style: this differs according to the type of base, the materials used and the shape. Wooden or metal console? Contemporary, industrial or family home style ?
  • Its colour: it is up to you to adapt the colour to your decoration.
  • Its storage possibilities: several of our models are consoles with drawers. Located under the top, these are particularly useful spaces for storing small objects. This detail will make a difference and should be taken into account when purchasing.

Consoles for all tastes and styles !

At Signature, each piece of furniture has its own style so that you can choose the console that suits you best. The console table comes in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colours. We invite you to browse our catalogue to discover our entire range. In terms of materials, solid wood, metal, bluestone and mirror are in the limelight. As for the style, you will inevitably find a console in accordance with your decoration, whether you are looking for a contemporary, industrial or family home model.

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