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They can be used anywhere in the house and can occupy any room. Shelves dress up your walls and offer both practical and decorative spaces to display books, plants and decorations of all kinds. Materials, styles, sizes, nothing is left to chance at Signature. It's up to you to choose the model that best suits your interior !

Shelves: a must for your home

In your living room, in a bedroom, in an office, all rooms in the house can have the right to their shelves and for good reason, they are easy to install, practical, aesthetic and discrete. This is an advantage for people who wish to display their decorations or benefit from additional storage space without cluttering up the room.

The shelves are a set of horizontal shelves stacked one on top of the other, but they can also be a single wall-mounted shelf to be fixed to the wall. The vast majority of shelves are open, allowing you to showcase the contents. The shapes and styles are very varied and you are free to arrange them as you wish.

What to put on your shelves ?

Shelves offer a large capacity for storing and displaying your little finds. You are free to fill them as you wish and to change the arrangement of your objects according to your desires or the seasons.

The choice of objects displayed will also depend on the location of the shelves. In a kitchen, you can display your tea collection, pretty jars for your food... In a bathroom, you can put a jewellery box, your perfume bottles... A light garland will also find its place perfectly around a shelf unit. Let your creativity do the talking !

The advantages of shelves

This equipment has many advantages !


One of the advantages is their versatility. They can be placed against the wall in any room of the house and you can store a multitude of items according to your needs. Believe us, they will quickly become indispensable !


We like shelves for their practicality. They offer storage space without taking up too much room. You can therefore easily incorporate them into your interior.


The decoration is not to be outdone. Not only will you have beautiful objects to enhance your home, but the shelving unit itself is decorative with different styles and shapes. It will allow you to dress up a wall. It is a real plus that adds to your existing decoration. You will be able to find the right model for your interior.


This is one of the great advantages of this equipment. The shelves are completely modular. You can change their layout and contents as you wish. This is an opportunity to reorganise your home and make a change from time to time!

A shelf for every style

Do you prefer solid wood or metal shelves? At Signature you have a choice. There are a variety of shapes, styles and sizes in our catalogue. Solid oak and metal have pride of place and will give your walls an incomparable style. Treat yourself to the equipment that will make a difference !

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