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Table lamp

Both useful and decorative, the table lamp seduces with its undeniable charm! Signature has put together a nice selection of table lamps, ideal for your home, whatever the style.

The charm of the table lamp

When you like to take care of your home, there are certain objects that quickly become indispensable, starting with the table lamp. Simply place one in your room and you will instantly create a cosy and warm atmosphere. It is generally a complementary light source to the rest of your lighting, such as your chandeliers and hanging lamps. Beyond its primary function as a lamp, namely lighting, it perfects your decoration in a flash. Enhance your rooms with table lamps: the effect is guaranteed whether you switch them on or off. Let us surprise you with the range we offer.

Where should a table lamp be placed ?

In addition to its practical and decorative aspects, the lamp has the particularity of being able to be placed in any room in the house. Every room in your house can accommodate a beautiful table lamp, you just need a stand to place it on. The foot at the base of your lamp gives it enough stability to be placed on any table or piece of furniture.

A bedside lamp in the bedroom

The table lamp is usually placed on either side of your headboard on your bedside tables. It is more commonly known as a bedside lamp. It adds a cosy touch to your bedroom and provides a soft light for your reading evenings. Next to the bed, you can turn them on and off at your convenience without having to get up!

A table lamp in your living room

Another dedicated area where comfort is king: the living room. Here too, you'll need a pretty lamp to complete the decor. Here, the table lamp blends in with the decor! It can be placed on your TV stand, on a console or on a piece of sofa.

A lamp in your dining room

You have a large sideboard but it seems a bit empty on top? A few frames, a vase and, you guessed it, a table lamp and you're done! What's more, this softer light source than a pendant or chandelier will give you a cosy atmosphere with indirect lighting for your evenings.

A desk lamp

Whether your office is in the living room, in a separate room or in the bedroom, it too deserves a table lamp! With Signature, you will have an original desk lamp and sufficient light to work with.

A table lamp for every style

There are as many models as there are styles: 50's, 70's, art deco, retro, modern or even family home. With so much diversity, you can be sure to find a model that will perfectly meet your expectations. Let yourself be seduced by original or more classic shapes according to your desires. The colours and materials also vary from one lamp to another. Are you looking for a metal or glass lamp? Once you have chosen your table lamp, you can be sure that you will give a unique style to your interior whether it is more contemporary, vintage, industrial or "family home".

All you have to do is make your choice and give your home the table lamp that will make the difference !

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