Choice of materials

Most of our wooden furniture is created and worked in solid wood to preserve the noblest essence of wood and provide you with the most durable and qualitative furniture possible.

Its lightweight treatment allows for a minimum environmental impact as well as a reduced energy expenditure.

Once in your home, the treatment required is also reduced. A solid wood structure is easier to take care of, allowing you to treat it and restore its beauty over the years.

Quality craftsmanship

At Signature, know-how is a key word. Reworking furniture, controlling the quality of products and their compliance is one of the most important steps in the sales process.

The daily work of materials such as old wood, brass, metal or glass is essential. Everything is done to optimize the longevity of your Signature Furniture and Decoration piece and your satisfaction.

As wood is a living material, it is important to check every inch of your furniture to allow it to continue to live simply once it arrives at your home.

A constant economy

Concerned about reducing our carbon footprint and participating in a fairer and more environmentally-friendly economy, our teams put everything in place to reduce surpluses and control production to the maximum.

The strongest environmental impact, during the construction and import of a piece of furniture, being the journey and the amount of materials used, it is important for us to make multiple small gestures in order to achieve large ecological movements. The materials in old wood are made from responsible and recycled wood, transportation and deliveries are optimized to avoid unnecessary travel and additional expenses.

The various wood scraps and cuts are also reused during our different work on furniture that requires intervention from our workshop.

FSC Label

Forest Stewardship Council

FSC is an international non-governmental organization whose mission is to promote ecological, social and economic management of forests. The FSC certification is a significant quality guarantee that ensures the reliability of the woods used and their appropriate origin for the needs of current and future generations.

Ecological forest management

This management aims to ensure the maintenance of biodiversity in the forests from which the wood is sourced while preserving productivity and the proper functioning of various ecosystems.

Social management of the FSC

The NGO also allows local populations to benefit from long-term advantages and to preserve their forest resources as much as possible.

Economic management

The choice and quantity of wood used is managed in the most economical way possible. By generating the most production with the least wood waste possible.