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Deux corps et meubles d'angle

Why choose between aesthetics and functionality when you can have both ? At least, that's what Signature has to offer with its double-body sideboards and corner units. Give your dining room a whole new look with uniquely styled storage units that are crafted to the last detail.

The two-piece sideboard : a two-in-one piece of dining room furniture.

The name says a lot about the appearance of this piece of furniture that will not go unnoticed in your home. It is called a two-piece sideboard because it simply consists of two parts. The lower part is usually closed with hinged doors or drawers. The upper part is completely open or closed with glass doors that reveal the contents of the cabinet.

The two-piece is mainly used in a dining room or possibly a kitchen. It is a rather imposing piece of furniture whose width and height vary according to the model chosen. Of course, your choice will be for different sizes of two-piece furniture depending on the surface area of your room. The aim is not to clutter up your interior but to enhance it while providing practical storage space.

The double cabinet is often used as a china cabinet. You can arrange your furniture so that your beautiful plates and glasses are displayed on the upper part of the sideboard. The lower part is then reserved for the rest of your dishes and any other items you want to "hide"

The corner unit : storage and space saving !

Make the most of your space and choose the Signature corner unit! Storage furniture is essential in a home to keep it organised. The corner unit is the right choice for those who lack space or for extra storage in a large house.

The corners of a room are indeed strategic places to occupy, especially if the surface of your room is limited or already used by other more imposing furniture. The corner unit fits everywhere. It will easily find its place in your dining room and seduces by its functional as well as aesthetic side. Also known as a corner, it is a piece of furniture that can be low or high in a two-body version with an open or glazed part and a closed part.

To make a more historical parenthesis, the corner cabinet was born during the reign of Louis XV but really developed in the years 1730 to 1740. Its success will last during the reign of Louis XVI. Of course, it is still very trendy today and available in various styles to match your interior.

Two bodies and corner units for all styles

Are you looking for a particular style of furniture? The diversity of our furniture is part of the Signature spirit. If you browse through our catalogue, you are bound to find a corner unit or a double unit that matches your interior design. We place great emphasis on the details and finishes of each model.

Our two wooden bodies

In terms of materials, we offer two-piece sideboards made of various types of wood such as oak, pine, solid wood or Acacia. The elegance of our two-piece furniture is enhanced by our attention to detail. You will be seduced by their cornices and mouldings. Straight or curved, with French doors or ice doors, in two or four door versions, there is a wide choice. Each piece of furniture has its own style: contemporary or more traditional, vintage, industrial…

Our wooden corner units

As for corner furniture, it may be discreet in the corner of a room, but it will bring a touch of originality and elegance to your interior. Our pine or acacia corner pieces are worked down to the smallest detail to enhance your dining room.

And to create your own atmosphere in your dining room, match your corner cabinet and sideboard with your dining table.

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