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Coffee tables and sofa ends

The coffee table and the sofa ends enhance your living room and bring comfort and conviviality. By browsing through our catalogue you will discover a variety of models for all styles and desires.

What is a coffee table ?

The coffee table can make a difference in your living room. It is mainly in this living room that you find this type of furniture both practical and aesthetic. Sofa and armchairs accompany the coffee table and create a friendly environment for the whole family. It is around a coffee table that people gather to share moments of relaxation, particularly for the aperitif. Practical, it can include sub-tops to store objects of your choice, place your remote controls, magazines or highlight your decoration.

What is a sofa end ?

The end of the sofa can be a complement to your coffee table. As the name suggests, this small coffee table is mainly located next to the sofa. As a small, discreet but useful table, it can also be used as a side table in another room. In a bedroom, it makes an original bedside table! In any case, the end table is a practical piece of furniture and an ideal solution for adding a touch of decoration in all simplicity. A lamp, a pretty vase filled with flowers or a few photo frames will easily find their place on this sofa table.

How to choose a coffee table or a sofa ?

The living room is an area of the house that deserves special attention. It is a warm and comfortable place where people like to relax and meet. It is also the place where you entertain family and friends and it reflects the style of your home. For all these reasons, each element of the living room must be chosen with care. To make sure you make the right choice, there are several criteria to consider :

  • Dimensions: do you prefer a large or a small coffee table? This will depend on how you use it, but also on the space available in your living room.
  • Its use: are you looking for a practical or purely decorative coffee table? Are you planning to use it for an aperitif with your guests? The models will differ according to your needs and desires.
  • Storage: it is possible to choose a table with storage options, it is up to you to judge whether they will be useful in your daily life.
  • The shape: end of sofa or round, square, oval, rectangular coffee table? It all depends on your taste and the shape of your room.
  • The style: different models are available. The aim is of course to choose the style that best suits the decoration of your room and the existing furniture.

Coffee tables and end tables in all styles

You are sure to find what you are looking for in our range of sofa ends and coffee tables. Browse through our catalogue and you will discover a wide range of materials and styles. Find the product that fits perfectly with your interior. You can even match your coffee table with your sofa end.

Each material has its own particularity and will definitely make a statement in your living room. You can choose a coffee table made of marble, metal, glass or wood of various types.

At Signature, there is a place for every style: vintage coffee table from the 50s with its tulip base, industrial metal coffee table, for an ethnic style, fall for the Drum and Bali ranges. More traditional with its "family home" effect, the Givenchy table is made for you. Looking for a modern living room table? Then choose the Jules table.

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