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Dining table

Whether it is round, extensible, in solid oak or rectangular, the dining table is the piece of furniture that perfectly dresses up a dining room. It is important to choose it well because it is the essential piece to invite all your friends and family to sit down for a moment filled with love and happiness. The dining table is often a witness to endless discussions but also to your most beautiful memories. Here, Signature offers you a wide range of dining tables to satisfy everyone !

The dining room table: a must-have piece.

The dining table will take pride of place in the centre of your dining room. It is, in fact, the centrepiece that will allow you to invite your friends and family for a convivial meal because there is nothing nicer than enjoying a good moment with the people you love. Whether long, extending, round, rectangular, wooden or with an original design, at Signature you are bound to find the dining table of your dreams.

How do you choose your new dining table ?

According to its shape :

Oval, rectangular, round or square, at Signature, tables come in all shapes and sizes to charm you. Sometimes with Louis legs, sometimes with straight or Tulip legs, these tables come in various styles to offer you a very wide range.

Depending on its size :

Signature offers dining tables in all sizes to fit perfectly in any living space. You will find small and medium sized tables that will fit in most homes but also tables with extensions that will fit in the centre of a large room. The large 3 metre long tables are perfect for large tables for festive meals. The smaller tables will be set up in a more intimate and cosy area.

According to its materials :

Are you looking for a table in solid oak, teak, acacia, pine, blue stone, white marble, aluminium or with unique patinas? At Signature, you will find a whole selection of tables that meet your expectations. What's more, you should know that we take the time to carefully and meticulously select the materials and finishes that adorn your future dining table.

Various styles of dining room tables to meet all of your desires

At Signature, there are a multitude of dining room table styles to suit all tastes and interior decorations. Neo-primitive dining tables in the spirit of the times, contemporary, timeless with our charm range, industrial or inspired by the seventies will take place in your favourite living room and will even match your new favourite dining chairs!

You will also find aluminium tables specially designed for a lunch in the garden and to invite your friends and family for an outdoor meal... Nothing better when the nice days are back!

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