Armchairs and sofas

The living room is synonymous with comfort and conviviality. There's nothing like a sofa and an armchair to create a cosy and pleasant space for all occasions. They are the key pieces of furniture in your living room and come in a variety of styles. Discover the Signature range without delay and choose from a wide selection.

The sofa and armchairs: the centrepieces of the living room

You can't imagine a living room without a sofa and armchairs. They are the must-haves of your living room. They create the unique atmosphere you want in your home and provide all the comfort you need.

A sofa is not a choice to be taken lightly. It is one of the first pieces of furniture you notice when you enter a home as it is usually located in the main room. This type of furniture is dedicated to moments of relaxation alone, with family or friends. Like armchairs, they are usually accompanied by a coffee table.

The sofa and armchairs are important. You use them every day to have a good time in the evening when you come home from work and of course at the weekend. It is the ideal place to watch a film, take a break from reading or to welcome guests. So comfort comes first.

While they are mainly used in a living room, you can also install armchairs or a sofa in an office or a bedroom.

How to choose your sofa and armchairs

As sofas and armchairs are essential pieces of furniture, how do you choose them? Signature helps you to determine your selection criteria and thus create a living room that meets your expectations.

To choose a sofa, you need to look at several points:

  • The dimensions: there are XL or smaller models to choose from depending on the space in your living room. Even the smallest models have a large seat depth for optimum comfort.
  • The material: your choice will be between a full grain leather sofa or a fabric sofa, depending on your preferences
  • The colour: for this type of furniture, you can be original and imaginative by opting for bright colours and patterned fabrics, or remain classic with more neutral tones. It all depends on what you like and how you decorate.
  • When it comes to armchairs, just like the sofa, you need to pay attention to the style and the different models offered: fixed, rocking or swivel options. Make sure you match your armchair to your sofa for a harmonious living room !

A variety of styles and colours to suit all tastes !

Discover our Signature sofas and armchairs. We offer a wide choice of styles and colours. Leather will bring a certain cachet to your living room while fabric will be more discreet and will match the colours of your decoration.

The Chesterfield is an English style sofa in full grain leather and upholstered. It will give your living room a distinct and timeless touch.

Looking for an ethnic style? Art deco? Charming? Contemporary? Look no further, you will find what you are looking for in our catalogue! Very different styles without ever compromising on comfort or originality !

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