At Signature, we are committed to transmitting the taste of noble materials to you. Highlighted on each of our products, we take great care to ensure that the quality of the furniture is optimal.

More than just furniture, some of our products are true decorative objects. In order to make your purchase last, the materials are selected to withstand the test of time.

Most of our wood-based products are made of solid wood that can be found in our European forests, oak, beech, pine ... Solid wood is resistant and will evolve favorably over time, it is easy to maintain, has acoustic properties that reduce noise and gives a feeling of authenticity.

The recycled woods used have a unique patina and contribute to the circular economy.

The finish on wood is wide, raw, varnished, oiled or smoked, the choice is yours!

An excellent quality material, brass is used in a number of items in the range, it has been chosen for its beauty, its softness and its durability. The finishes offered are aged silver or gold to match your interior

The stones in our selection are mainly marble and blue stone, noble, qualitative and resistant materials, the journey to reach you is counted in millions of years, you will gladly add a few decades to it. Maintenance is relatively simple, there is nothing to do, except to admire it.

The coverings complete the picture, velvet, linen, leather, wicker, wicker, straw, daring colors or discreet charm, you will succumb to the Signature selection.

Noble materials easily combine with each other, a bit of common sense and harmony combined with a touch of madness and your interior will take on a particular dimension.

Signature Furniture and Decoration, it is to give yourself the opportunity to display personality through the grace of a unique choice, noble materials and products of character.