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Above a table, a counter, a central island or simply in the centre of a room, suspended lights guarantee both style and good lighting. Discover our Signature collection for all styles!

What are pendant lights ?

It is not difficult to understand what is behind the term pendant lighting by its name. It is simply a light source suspended from the ceiling. Although a pendant light is similar to a chandelier, they are two different types of lighting fixtures. Generally speaking, a pendant light has only one light source, unlike a chandelier, which consists of several lamps. However, the line between the two terms is now blurred, as there are also pendant lights with multiple light sources. In general, it is a model that is more discreet and sober but nevertheless just as modern and aesthetic.

Pendant lights : for every room in the house !

Pendant lights can be used in any room in the house. They are less bulky than a chandelier and therefore fit perfectly into any decor. Indeed, the pendant lamp can take on many different appearances and can then be adapted to the style of your room, whether it be the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, the bedroom or the office.

Here are some ideas of where to install suspended lights :

  • Above a table: whether it is your kitchen or dining room table, it will benefit from optimal lighting thanks to suspended lights. In this location, the lamp(s) can be lower.
  • Above a kitchen island: practical to see clearly when cooking.
  • Above a bar counter: enhance the charm of your bar with good lighting !
  • Simply in the centre of the room: the pendant lights are then higher and offer excellent light to the whole room.

Pendant lights : how high ?

You can adjust the height of your pendant lights. Choosing the right height for your lamps is important because if they are too low they can quickly become a nuisance. Hence the need to think about it beforehand in order to choose the most suitable pendant lamp for your interior configuration. The distance between the lamp and the ceiling depends on its location and use. The height differs if the light source is placed above a table or in the centre of the room. At Signature, the height of our pendant lamps is mostly adjustable by means of extendable rods or rods of different lengths that are supplied with your pendant.

Over a table

Hanging lights over a table can add real style to your dining room or kitchen. Here, the pendant lamp is intended to illuminate only the table and what is on it. Therefore, you can afford to place it relatively low. However, if it is too low, it can be awkward, you may bump into it or be unable to see the person in front of you. It is estimated that the height of your hanging lamp should be at least 80 to 100 cm above your table.

In your room

For a hanging lamp that is intended to light the whole room, it should be high enough to ensure sufficient light. If it is too low, it can be a hindrance to movement in the room. To avoid bumping into it, the height should be at least two metres above the floor.

Pendant lights for every style

Signature offers a wide range of lighting fixtures, and each model has been designed down to the last detail to give it a unique and unmistakable style. Whether you are looking for a pendant light for the living room, kitchen or any other room, we have a nice selection for all your needs and in all styles: 50's, 70's, art deco, retro, modern, family home. You will find what you are looking for! As for materials, you can choose between wood, metal and glass. Which Signature pendant lights will you fall for?

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