Chests of drawers

Ideal for storing, organizing and sorting, the chest of drawers is the furniture you need right now! Placed in your bedroom, living room or even to arrange your entrance, it will be the perfect alternative to fight against disorder. Designed to hold clothes, accessories or even your vinyl collection, these drawers will be your new best allies.

Indispensable in the field of storage, the drawer chest comes in different formats and is highly appreciated by young and old alike!

All about the chest of drawers

More commonly called chest of drawers, storage cabinets take their name from their practical side. Very functional for storing and sorting all your belongings, they will also offer you additional space for decoration. These storage cabinets are indeed widely appreciated for their 2-in-1 aspect. In fact, the chest of drawers is the little sister of the wardrobe. It presents, in fact, the same advantages as its elder but reveals itself with a lower body that allows to extend the natural light of the living room. In addition, they are adorned with a large tray which is pleasing because it allows to place decoration, a bouquet of dried flowers, a catch-all and many other trendy objects. The chest of drawers is then, a must in all the rooms of your house... It allows to keep at hand everything you need, to dress your room elegantly but also to organize your storage optimally.

The drawer chest: the perfect storage furniture

Are you looking for a storage furniture perfectly suited to your expectations? The Signature chest of drawers now comes into play!

Declined with 2, 3, 5 and even sometimes 6 or 9 drawers, the chest of drawers is the ideal storage furniture for a well-controlled organization. Sometimes low, sometimes high, it was designed to meet all your needs and to adapt to different living spaces... The drawer chest is, in fact, perfect for accessorizing the entrance of a house, for arranging a child's room or even for adding a storage furniture in a living room.

Suitable for large spaces as well as for smaller ones, a high chest of drawers or a low chest of drawers will always find a place in your interior. Sometimes they are placed in a bedroom to accompany the wardrobes of the dressing room and sometimes they welcome a television for a 2-in-1 use: storage furniture - video furniture.

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