We can assure you that a beautiful chandelier will immediately make an impression in your room! That's exactly what Signature offers in its catalogue. There are various sizes and styles to choose from, so all you have to do is select the one that best suits your interior.

What is a chandelier ?

The chandelier is part of the lighting family. It is a decorative element that is hung from the ceiling and usually consists of several lamps. But there are almost as many chandeliers as there are models, which means you have a wide choice! The size, shape, materials and number of bulbs required vary from one product to another. In terms of location, it can be placed on the ceiling of several of your rooms, generally in the living room or dining room, and possibly in the kitchen. Some chandeliers are also perfectly suitable for a bedroom.

Why choose a chandelier ?

Install a chandelier on your ceiling and you will instantly give your room a whole new look! As soon as you enter the room, you will be dazzled by this elegantly lit decorative element. Your lighting deserves the best, and that's exactly what Signature has to offer with its attractive collection of suspended chandeliers in a wide range of designs.

Beautiful furniture is not enough to make a room look nice. They are accompanied by small, essential details that really make a difference. The right amount of light in your home is definitely one of them. The chandelier transforms your light into a real gem of a decoration. It is therefore an essential part of your home that you should not overlook.

How to choose the right chandelier ?

The choice depends largely on your tastes and the style of your interior. There are designer chandeliers, very sophisticated or more sober depending on your preferences. So to choose the ideal model, you will ask yourself several questions :

What size to choose ?

Small chandelier or large chandelier? It all depends on the surface of your room. A large chandelier will be chosen for rooms with a relatively large surface area. A living room chandelier will probably be larger than a bedroom chandelier.

The size you choose will also determine the number of lamps and bulbs.

How high ?

The hanging chandelier can be lower or higher. It is up to you to determine the distance between it and your ceiling. To make the right choice, you need to take into account the height of the ceiling in your room. Some models stay very close to the ceiling while others are very far from it. To make the right choice, you should also consider the height of your furniture. Signature offers chandeliers that are, in some cases, adjustable in height.

Which style ?

Looking for a contemporary chandelier? An Art Deco chandelier? A neo-retro chandelier or a chandelier with pendants? Signature offers a range of lighting fixtures to suit all styles and desires. The style will strongly depend on the materials used: glass chandelier or metal chandelier, the finish: chrome, brass, black metal, glass. Depending on the shape, you can also have fun! Originality is the order of the day !

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